Preventative care
IPOCORK® floors are easy to maintain. You only need a mild detergent and a vacuum cleaner. For daily/weekly maintenance, you can also use a broom handle with a cloth on the end. The removable cloth has a substance with anti-static characteristics, which will clean all the dust and prevent its settling on the floor.

For care and maintenance, Ipocork® recommends a range of products which will give pleasant results.
Product Finish Dilution
Drying Time Coverage
Polish Protecting

- Corkstyle WRT

- Vinyl Selection PU acrylate UV

None 30-45 min. 3 litres/100 m² (1 litre/30m²)
Clean Mild Detergent With water 1:50-1:200 15 min. 100-200 ml / 100 m²
Clean Spray Mild detergent (spray) None Immediately NA
Remover* Removal of maintenance products / thorough cleaning With water 1:20 5 min. 1 litre/100 m²
*Use only in case the floor is too dirty and use it always diluted.
For a correct use follow very carefully the application instructions of the products on the packaging labels, as well as the information from technical data sheets.
If you prefer to use other maintenance products, which are not Ipocork®,please use only the ones that Ipocork® recommends (see table Auxiliary Product Selector).